Snoop Dogg x Kidrobot - Figure revealed at New York Toy Fair 2014

We broke the news about an upcoming Snoop Dogg figure that the folks over at Kidrobot will be releasing in the coming months, and recently revealed at New York Toy Fair 2014, well... we see the actual figure! Thanks to the photos from PlasticKitty, (who have excellent Toy Fair coverage) you can see that the vector art that we posted HERE really did not do the actual production piece justice! With really nice sculpted details, this appears to be the first official releases on the new 7" tall Kidrobot "Bot" mascot vinyl figure! The figure is "laid back" with braids, shades and accessory blunt - on a side note, is this the first produced vinyl blut? - straight from 1993. You can see the nifty pot-laden box art as well... and how "appropriate" would it be if this released on 4/20? More info soon!

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