Infinite Rabbits's creepy custom Foomi & Munny figures as well as space invading Mini Mugg!

Cleveland, Ohio-based customizer Infinite Rabbits unleashes a new trio of pieces upon us: "C. Willard" (above), "Romeo 13" (below), and "Dr. Squidclops" (far below). The 7-inch tall Foomi known as "C. Willard" comes off as perfectly creepy, the monotone nature of the piece shattered by the sculpted upon & painted Vinyl Thoughts Nation Mask (still available from HERE). Balanced perfectly against this piece is the "Romeo 13" one, a custom 7-inch tall Munny, which has a sculpted-from-scratch half-mask as well as strange back protrusion… But if horror is not your thing, perhaps a taste of the ol' sci-fi will do?!? A customized 3-inch tall Mini Mugg figure, "Dr. Squidclops" remains a bit creepy — that wonderfully rendered eye — while still being enough of an alien invader to capture the imagination of fans. All three of these wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces are available now in Infinite Rabbits's web shop, for $180 apiece for the larger figures and $65 for the smaller one.

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