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REVEALED: threeZero's official "RoboCop v1," "RoboCop v3" & "ED-209" fully-painted prototype figures!

As we previously announced, über-impressive high-end production house threeZero have officially licensed the new 2014 RoboCop film to make gorgeous figures from. At roughly 12- to 13-inches tall, making him 1/6th scale, there is the above pictured "RoboCop V1" and the below pictured "RoboCop V3." I'm not sure how the two versions play into the movie, but — personally — V1 reminds me more of the original film's rendition of the character while V3 seems to be the one regularly shown in teasers for the new film. But these are not all…
Below is a teaser of the fully painted ED-209 figure! Standing roughly 16½-inches tall when in normal position, we're told this is a no scale figure, though it seems size appropriate for the RoboCop 1/6th scale figures. While you can clearly see some working LEDs in action — both red and blue, I believe — I'm eager to hear how many points of articulation this bad boy will have!

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