My neighbor... Stormtrooper? Custom "Totoro" & "Stormtrooper" Androids by Jon-Paul Kaiser!

In no way do these customs have anything in common other than the fact that they are both created by UK based artist Jon-Paul Kaiser and are on the Android 3" vinyl toy platform... but hot damn do they look good together. Created as customs for a private collector, JPK gave his black/white negative space touch to these mini-figures and turned them into true collectibles! The 'Totoro' homage is quite spectacular, especially because it's something that not seen very often in Jon's work... the use of gray for shading as well as the color orange to make the figure pop... and it does, as it really added a nice depth of dimension to the figure! The Stormtrooper... well, that's self explanatory, just one bad ass looking black/white figure, a true Star Wars staple! Great work, JPK!

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