If you buy Dunnys, then you have duplicates… OpenBlindBoxes.com has the solution!

If you have a spare Dunny to sell or trade, your options are kinda limited to the forums or eBay. Or, even worse, if you're looking to buy the same, you've gotta find someone reputable to snag it from. Well, the new site OpenBlindBoxes.com is looking to make things easier on you… There was a distinct lack of buy, trade, sell sites within the Designer Toy corner of the world, but that void is no more! I gave a quick look around and his base business model seems great: people can easily expand their collections with the figures they need, most being sold at truly reasonable prices (if not lower), and — if I read things correctly — pieces are being bought for either cash money (via PayPal) or higher value credit for the shop. OpenBlindBoxes.com cleans every figure they receive and carefully investigate the piece to make sure it includes everything it should (accessories and the sort), disclosing any omissions in a straight-forward manner. I'd love to hear from someone that's used them — for buying, selling, or trading — but, in the meantime, it seems like OpenBlindBoxes.com is a truly great service by a member of the community for the community at large!

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