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YOSTE's demonic & skeletal "Shura" Resin Bust is Coming Soon from Chucho Rojas!

Designed by YOSTE and produced by Chucho Rojas, the 8-inch tall "Shura" bust is impressive. The piece is a objet d'art depicting a skull, backbone still attached, encapsulated within a transparent resin visage, including protruding horns and a demonically inspired face mask. Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide, this sculpture is…
…based on the legend of the Shura Japanese spirits in Japanese mythology: the Shura are inhabitants of the sky spirits. They are reincarnations of great warriors fallen in battles and wars, so that his spirit is made of hate and a great thirst for revenge. The Shura meet in groups to fight and never surrender. They left behind its noble and generous essence to wander across the sky in search of revenge.
While I've never heard this mythological tidbit, it doesn't detract from the stunning look of the sculpture. This figure will be revealed & released on December 7th, 2013 at Vinyles Chiles Store (Ciudad de México). But those interested in purchasing this $200 apiece artwork can do so by sending an email to venenotoys [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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