'The Hobbit' custom series by Otto Björnik... is AMAZING!!!

Otto Björnik keeps to himself until he has a big announcement to make... and that is exactly what he just did, he dropped a huge bomb, and hot damn is it awesome! Completed as a recent commission for one of his very supportive collectors, you may all remember the custom "Odyssey 1969" astronauts that Otto completed (posted HERE) earlier this year, well... that same collector asked Otto if he was interested in doing The Hobbit... and above is the result! Magnificent!!!

Otto mentions "At first, I was hesitant to accept it since he requested me to use KR's 7-inch Munnyworld characters... with a goblin king that I knew I'd had to sculpt from scratch based on its character fused with the simplistic shape of the Munny. The end product... a two-month in the making, 12-inch custom that I consider as the most challenging I've done to date." This is obviously a HUGE undertaking... but it was executed with such flawless perfection, well worth the time and effort, and that collector has got to be seriously stoked on the outcome! What makes this project even more special, come to find out, the collector revealed that he co-founded the company who created the music for most of the Hollywood movies we've enjoyed... including 'The Lord of the Rings'!

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