Gorgoloid's second round of "きのこ人 (Mushroom People) Attack!!" resin figures available tonight!

Kaiju creature resin caster Gorgoloid revisits his previously released "きのこ人 (Mushroom People)" mini figures with a second round release, known as "Mushroom People Attack!!" Inspired by the classic weird cinema piece Matango, Fungus of Terror (aka Attack of the Mushroom People), these mycological menaces stand 2¾-inch tall and are made from hand-cast resin, each uniquely dyed using Monster Kolor paints, making this edition of 20 signed figures quite diverse! These $35 apiece wonders, which will be sold individually and not blind box style, will be available tonight (Monday, December 30th, 2013) at 6PM Pacific time in the Gorgoloid online shop.

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