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GEEK-TASTIC! Kerry Dyer's custom resin figures of Doctor Who, Star Trek & The Avengers characters!

Hitting the scene hard, still relatively new customizer and resin maker Kerry Dyer embraces her inner nerd and creates some completely unique, one-of-a-kind hand-painted resin figures that any geek would love to find under their Christmas tree… Using her own "The Q" resin figures — the 3-inch tall Shorty version and the 4-inch tall Pockets & Text versions — she created nine wonderful tributes to some of the greatest sci-fi and comic characters ever! Divided into three groups, she used minimalist style and coloration to still perfectly convey the inspiration point… Pictured above is the "Doctor's Waiting Room" trio, depicting (left to right) Tom Baker's "4th" incarnation, David Tennant's "10th" regeneration, and Matt Smith's current "11th" visage, all some of the most beloved versions of the Doctor Who protagonist. Below left, we have the "Waiting to Trek" grouping, which are (left to right) Scotty's "Red Shirt," Captain Kirk's "Yellow Shirt," and Mr. Spock's "Blue Shirt," loving tributes to those on the U.S.S. Enterprise and their constant Star Trek. Then, finally, we have the below right pictured "Heroically Patient" pieces, which are renditions of Marvel Comics's famous The Avengers characters (left to right): "Smash" (The Hulk), "Hammer" (Thor), and "Tin Can" (Iron Man). All nine figures are available now in Dyer's online shop for £50 (approx. $82) apiece, which is a fantastic deal considering The Q blank figures usually retail for only £5 less!!!

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