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NagNagNag for the Masses! C.A.S.T.'s "¡Viva Occult! - NapNapNap" Resin Figures Coming Soon!

Denoted as part of his "¡Viva Occult!" resin figure line, Adam Saul of Cop A Squat Toys (or C.A.S.T.) has extended the ultimate form of flattery to NagNagNag: parody. Named "NapNapNap," the above pictured figure stands roughly 5.5-inches tall (and 2.25-inches at the widest point) and is a wonderful 'bootleg' of the $850 apiece Japanese vinyl figures. So how much will these hand-painted resin beauties be? We're told that the expected price is $55 each when the land in the Cop A Squat Toys online shop in the near future.

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