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Google 'Mini Glass' for your Android Mini collectible?!?!

Want to help out an artist, and in turn get h cool? Well, Deth Becomes You is about to embark on a journey, and only he can tell it the way it's meant to be told... so take a peek below! "Would you like to be responsible for saving the human race or destroying it? I have your opportunity right here: I am stabbing a campaign today. Let's call it #GetDethGlass - Here is where saving the world or destroying it comes into play. I need your help! Glass is not cheap and in order for me to take a stab at it I need funding. With #GetDethGlass you can donate any amount you want. If I get enough $1 donations this could happen. I have an entire division of zombie laborers ready and waiting in my Google Zombie Glass Research and Development department. With Glass I can finally train for the Zombpocalypse. Whether I do it for good or for evil is still undecided." All that being said, and by checking out that image above, if you feel like donating $20 or more to this campaign, you will get a free pair of Google Mini Glass for their Android Mini collectible! The Mini Glass fits any android mini collectible... WOW! If interested, hit the link HERE!

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