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Galactic Jerkbags's take on Mexican bootlegs, Sucklord's "Chop Suey" & Weird Luke!

The 3¾-inch tall action figure resin bootlegger game continues to heat up, as the Galactic Jerkbags issue forth a bounty of wonderful goodies, including a couple of leftover copies of the previously announced Killer Bootlegs × Sucklord "Galactic Jerkbag V2" Glyos resin figures! Joining those amazing bad boys are the limited to only 10 copy "Chop Suey Bootleggers" (top left), $30 apiece resin figures cast from Suckadelic "Chop Suey" bits. As well as the $30 apiece "Azul Mensjero Del Demonio 'Mexican Bootleg'" (top right), which had been hinted at here, being a resin cast bootleg made from a Mexican bootleg Star Wars figure! Or, as the mightly Sucklord himself puts it: “A bootleg of a bootleg of a bootleg, so now it’s art.” And, finally, we have the "Mutant Kommando (Chaos Colorway)" by Weird Luke, who made only 6 pieces of rough & raw hand-cast & hand-painted figure! Featuring a removable knife and articulated arms, these are a steal at only $25! All this, and more, is available now in the Galactic Jerkbags online shop!

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