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FRIGHTENINGLY FANTASTIC! BLObPUS × Metacrypt's "Shub Zeroth" & "Kaijin Dokugan" hand-painted set!

The partnership between Brian Ewing and Justin "Hateball" Jewett known as Metacrypt might have produced the 9-inch tall Lovecraftian horror known as "Shub Zeroth" in sofubi, but it took the masterful hands and diabolical mind of BLObPUS to produce this fantastically frightening vision. And not only is there a micro edition of "Shub Zeroth" being made, but each one is accompanied by a hand-painted, red-eyed "Kaijin Dokugan" piece! There is a limited five-day preorder period, which begins today (November 27th, 2013) at 7AM Pacific time and will last until December 2nd, 2013 at 7AM Pacific time. Please visit the BLObPUS blog to learn how to order these ¥14,800 (approx. $146) pieces!

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