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Welcome to Okemordyn, where deep in the Wytchwood we find Taylored Curiosities's "Gibblegumps!"

In the preparing very early department, we find the adorable artist Penny Taylor (aka Taylored Curiosities) who has already begun creating a variety of pieces for next year's ToyCon UK. In fact, she's not simply creating individual pieces of toy art… she's creating a complete world! Welcome to Okemordyn:
Okemordyn is an unusual place with some odd inhabitants. Lush forests, eerie swamps, sunny meadows and endlessly deep rock pools are home to curious creatures.
The first place we will visit is Wytchwood. The tallest trees and cosiest moss make living here a real delight. And who might live here you ask?
Well, the Gibblegumps of course!
Gibblegumps are a playful species, quite easily pleased. Throw a gnarly stick for them to catch or make a pile of crunchy leaves for them to jump about in and you’ll have a very happy Gibblegump indeed.
The most important thing to remember is a fresh bowl of leaves each day to keep them feeling full.
The first of four new creatures to debut in the "Tales of Okemordyn" blind boxed series, Gibblegumps are roughly 1-inch tall and cast in resin from an original sculpt by Taylor before she hand-paints them. Each Gibblegump is accompanied for a similarly made bowl of leaves, to keep the beastie happy while he is in your care, but you'll have to be lucky to snag one… Though, like all things in this blind box series, they be debuting in two colorways — a common and a chase color — at the UK-based toy convention in April 2014.

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