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TaskOne's "Luther" 5s and 5c!!!

 photo taskone-luther5c1.jpg
TaskOne... he's a smart fella! Not only did he customize an awesome Raaar! figure for Clutter's show a few months back, but he had the foresight to make a mold of that very custom, cast it, and made duplicates... and why not, the time he spent on the scales alone would be reason enough. Well, after a few months of prep... they are here, the all new "Luther" figures. Speaking of smarts... Task took this figure one step further as he capitalized on the recent release of the new iPhone 5s and 5c editions... and this now hand painted rotocsted resin figure that stands 6.5" tall by almost 15" wide is up for grabs!!! Luther now comes in gold, silver and space grey. At the great low price of $129.99... and if that was not enough, Task added a splash of color... The Luther 5c... the same great power of Luther... now in blue, green, yellow, pink, and white for an even greater lower price of $99.99! Both the Luther '5s' and Luther '5c' are available for order HERE right now!

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