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SpankyStokes x Scott Tolleson - Exclusive "Stroll Eater" Deadbeet for Designer-Con 2013!!!

 photo StrollEater-Deadbeet-1.jpg
Who's ready for another Designer-Con exclusive?!?! Well... here ya go! We teamed up with artist Scott Tolleson this year to release a really fun figure that has been in the planning stages for over a year, and finally it will see the light of day at D-con 2013! Introducing the "Stroll Eater" Deadbeet... and just like the name suggests, these Deadbeet's are on a mission... to eat each and every Stroll alive! "Ya'll ever wonder where a Beet get's it's nasty red color from? Well, they eat Stroll's... dirty little red Stroll's that wander around trying to stir up trouble in Beet crops. These Beet's get their fare share of Stroll's, too... on a slow day, they have been known to indulge in at least 3 of these pesky creatures, and rumor has it that one Beet on a cold winter day hunted down and consumed a whopping 46 Stroll's. Their hunger knows no bounds, and the Stroll's are plentiful, so don't expect Beets to change their colors anytime soon!"
 photo StrollEater-Deadbeet2.jpg
Limited to just 10 pieces, each 7" tall Deadbeet is a clear maroon sofubi figure that features a matte black rub, and on top of that, each Deadbeet holds a little something inside... why else would he be called the Stroll eater if he didn't have Stroll's in his belly?!?! Each beet has a total of 3 custom 2" tall OMFG Series 1 Stroll's that have been dyed red and finished off with a matte black rub... so really, you are getting 4 figures!!! These will retail for only $80 a pop, and will be at booth #201 starting when the convention opens. Also, join Scott and myself for a signing on Saturday at 1pm at the SpankyStokes booth #201... see you there!

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