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A little nostalgia reinvented??? Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 1... Announced!!!

 photo geepeekay-gpk-tradingcards-garbagepailkids2014.jpg
Anyone looking to relive some 80s nostalgia will get a perfect opportunity this coming January when Topps releases Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 1! As of late, Topps has shown a lot of love to the GPK brand... with some new releases and a forthcoming mini-figure line, but this series promises to be the biggest GPK release. Ever. Seriously, this release is packed to the gills with over 50 new characters, inserts, parallels, sketches, relics, and more! In fact, there's even a subset of cards that directly ties into the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi! Head on over GEEPEEKAY.com right now to read the extensive write-up (and keep your eyes peeled next month for the GPK MiniKins!).

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