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What do Godzilla & Bob Marley have in common? Read on to find out!

While a mere supposition on the part of this writer, I strongly suspect that Godzilla and Bob Marley would have a shared appreciation for the above pictured "Rasta Super7 Micro" figures by Dopevinyl's Jordan Ahern. Marley, of course, would dig the colorful vibes these pieces are radiating while Godzilla… well, it's not a well known fact, but Godzilla has one of the largest Super7 collections in the world; after a long day of city crushing and building crashing, the big guy likes to go home and play with his Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire figures. Regardless, Dopevinyl painted up these two 1.5-inch tall micro pieces wonderfully, packing a lot of detail on their tiny frames. These figures are available now in Dopevinyl's online shop for only $35 apiece.

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