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Super7's ReAction Figures line partners with Funko for Ridley Scott's Alien… and more!

We've been chatting up the new officially licensed action figures based on Ridley Scott's Alien for a bit now, a line of 3¾" classic style toys that are launching Super7's ReAction Figures venture. Based on the immediate massive response to these figures, Super7 have vinyl gold on their hands... which might be why they've now partnered with Funko on ReAction Figures: better distribution already in place and a long history of licensing top-notch properties... and according to Super7, this partnership has allowed them to drop the price as well... and Super7 is aware of the discrepancy in price with the new agreement, so there is a additional, secret figure that will be included in the Super7 pre-orders that will be available only for those who pre-ordered sets of Alien from them, and will not be available anywhere else!!! This new strategic partnership has massive potential, as long as Funko handles the business side of things and frees up Super7 to do what they do best: create amazing and innovative designs.

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