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SeriouslySillyK's "Baphomet on Acid" psychedelic custom Tequila figure!

Like something born out of viewing psychedelic art while on psychotropic drugs, SeriouslySillyK's "Baphomet on Acid" customization of Muttpop's Tequila platform is both menacing and whimsical at the same time. Commonly associated with the Sabbatic Goat image and connected to Satanism, Baphomet stands over 9-inches tall — proudly displaying the "devil's horns" hand gesture — but is composed on single color swatches in popping bright pastels. Built upon the base with wire, Super Sculpey, and Magic Sculpt, the finished piece had 5 hand-painted glass eyes and 2 piercings added to complete the affect. A commissioned creation, it is unfortunately not available for sale.

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