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Menace Inc. Studios TMNT resin magnets "6 Ritual Jades" edition... revealed!

 photo 6JadesReveal.jpg
It wasn't but 2 days ago where we showed off a teaser of the packing for Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios upcoming resin "Ritual Jades" TMNT Magnets... and well, he couldn't wait any longer to show these off! Check those beauties out!!!! Going on sale Monday, September 9th at 11am EST these really cool looking magnets were cast in Smooth-On 325 with 2-3 different color dyes to get the swirly jade effect... each one is different as they all are cast to have subtle variances. If you are a TMNT fan, these are for you! Don't miss the release HERE at the above date and time!

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