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MAD's "Modern Hero" Bank... is MASSIVE!!! Size revealed with possible colorways!

 photo MAD_MODERn_HERO2.jpg
Just last week, we showed off HERE the massive new vinyl "Modern Hero" bank from MAD and today we are getting a glimpse of how big this thing actually is as it sits next to it's smaller 8" tall resin counterpart! Measuring in at almost 18" tall, the vinyl test pull that you see above is really massive, I mean REALLY BIG!!!

 photo MAD_MODERn_HERO.jpg
Another image was posted shortly afterwords showing off all the possible colorways... can you say exclusives?!?! Even though all the colors above aren't 100% confirmed just yet, it's still rad to see the possibilities. MAD does confirm that it will retail with 3 different "Big Money" plates that snap into the front... Dollar, Pound, and Yen! Each colorway will most likely be limited... probably less than 50 pieces each and will most likely retail in the $100 range... but for a massive 18" chunk of vinyl, I would say that's a awesome deal... oh, and think of all the change that you can fit into 18" of vinyl :-)

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