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Josh Mayhem's "PLAY ME" custom Dunny for Super Cooper × Toy Art Gallery Show!

Josh Mayhem's "PLAY ME" is a Designer Toy sculpture created for the previously announced birthday art party for Super Cooper Berella, "Music to My Ears." Mayhem's piece is massive divergence from his classic military and more recent mech inspired works, instead opting to transform the 8-inch tall Dunny into the likeness of an oozing, melting phonograph. A wonderful throwback to the evolutionary ancestor of the modern turntable, this record player is covered in stickers that state "PLAY ME" — which are actually the logo for Los Angeles-based Play Me Records, "a staple record label in American dance music culture." A pitch perfect sculptural work, Mayhem's piece even has a secret musical history… the base of this work of art is "made out of actual vinyl records!"

"Music to My Ears," a group exhibition curated by Super Cooper Berella, will open on Saturday, August 24th with a reception from 7-10PM and will be on display until September 10th, 2013 at Toy Art Gallery, 7571 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046.
Participating artists include: 100% Soft, Adrienne Gates, Alice Koswara, Alyson Flescher, Anthony Ausgang, babyvtec, BeeFy, Bella Berella, Big C, Brian Castleforte, Butch Adams, Cameron Edison, Chikuwaemil, Chris Granillo, Christopher Bonnette, Dani Bowman, Dave Bondi, Dave MacDowell, Dave Pressler, Donna Letterese, doubleparlour, D-rock, EMMELLDA EOS, Eric Broers, Erica Wexler, Frank Schaefer, FrankenFactory, Germs, Gift Riley-Norman, Hints & Spices (Shane Haddy), J Salvador, J★RYU, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jorge Guitierrez, Josh Marlar, Josh Mayhem, Juan Muniz, Kenth Toy Works, Kevin Dickson, Kii Arens, Lap Ngo, Leesasaur, Lola, Marta Harris, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Hawkins, Mike Die, Mike Slobot, Mikie Graham, Misha, Munktiki, Mylene "I Got Sole" Tolentino, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Hamill, nati513, Obscure, Plasticgod, Podgypanda, Rampage Toys, Rick O'Brien, Shayne Maratea (Blamo Toys), Shelby Barrett-Whitmore, Spencer Hansen (Blamo Toys), Super Cooper Berella, Taskone, Them Dollz, Tim Clarke, UNCLE, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yuu Tihara, and Zieromuko.

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