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Don P's "Olympius" custom "Oi! Cthulhu" resin figure for Mintyfresh!

I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the "Oi! Cthulhu" resin figure, designed by Daniel "Dory" Yu and released by Mighty Jaxx, which interprets H.P. Lovecraft's Great Old One decked out as a classic metal and punk fan from our '80s nostalgia youth. But Don P's custom interpretation, named "Olympius," makes the absurdity of this 6-inch figure even more so… as the devil's horns throwing alien being is now attired in the bright pastel colors of new wave or '80s pop rock! While I can't quite place which rockstar used the purple jacket and red pants combination, it makes we think of Queen's Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson, for some reason. Currently en route to Mintyfresh for sale, Don P's pieces have been selling quickly so anyone interested should dropping a line to info [at] mintyfresh [dot] eu in order to buy this as quickly as possible!

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