Carson Catlin's custom Julius figure for Paul Frank × Toy Art Gallery Show!

"Holy Julius, Batman!" exclaimed the entranced Boy Wonder, mesmerized by the artistic narrative that the simple circles cut into his soul… Carson Catlin's contribution to the previously announced "Julius Toy Art Show" is a reticulated version of the Paul Frank × Play Imaginative vinyl figure, excising a series of perfectly shaped holes throughout the form. With the subtly baby blue on the outside and the outrageous orange on the interior, every modified cut pops perfectly on this pristine platform.

The Julius Toy Art Show, a group custom exhibition, will open on August 3rd with a reception from 7-10PM and will be on display until August 21st, 2013 at Toy Art Gallery, 7571 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046.
Participating Artists Include: Abe Lincoln Jr, Aeron Alfrey, Andrea Kang, Anthony Ausgang, Bei Badgirl, Bob Conge, Boris Hoppek, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Chikuwaemil, Choco Moo, Ciou, Cope2, Cris Rose, Dave Bondi, Diavu, DrilOne, Dustin Martin, Emilio Garcia, FFinc., Frank Kozik, GERMS, Hints & Spices, Hiroshi Yoshii, Ian Ziobrowski, Imaitoonz, Indie 184, Jan Calleja, Jason Freeny, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jim Koch, Joe Grillo, Jon Knox, Julie West, Karen Chau, Kenth Toy Works, KMNDZ, Leecifer, MAD BARBARIANS, Madoka Kinoshita, Mari Inukai, MARKiii, Martin Ontiveros, Mayumi Inoha, Mizna Wada, Nakanari, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Hamill, Nebulon5, Oliver Hibert, Onch Movement, Reactor88, Rotobox, Sam Gibbons, Scott Tolleson, Skull Toys, Tan-Ki, Task One, Tim Clarke, Topheroy, and Uamou.

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