Taylored Curiosities's "Morrow Treehouse" custom Dudebox Dude!

Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities has customized a 7.5-inch tall Dude figure, named the "Morrow Treehouse." Hollowed out and turned into a functional treehouse for her previously announced 1.5cm (approx. 0.6-inches tall) Morrow resin figures, the floor is needle felted and surrounded by feathers on the outer edge while two hand-made nests sized for the Morrows hang inside. There is, also, a working Morrow-sized swing inside this Dude, which really draws my eye every time. The vinyl figure itself has been painted with hand detailing to give it a tree effect and is adorned with sculpted fungus, hand-embroidered leaves, and moss, really capturing the feel of an old fashioned tree house. This spectacular one-of-a-kind piece is available now HERE for £150 (approx. $232).

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