Chris Ryniak x Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke - "Tide Pool" Stinky Ginger

 photo stinkygingerblue-tidepool-chrisryniak-circusposterus.jpg
Check this out... it appears that Chris Ryniak and the Circus Posterus crew are going to be releasing a brand new colorway of Chris' very popular Stinky Ginger figure in the glorious "Tide Pool" colorway... and it looks really fantastic. A splash of seafoam spray on top of turquoise vinyl, brushed in black highlights and we have a winner! Limited to just 60 pieces, this will be a split release... 30 will drop via the Stranger Factory site HERE and 30 will drop via the Tomenosuke site HERE - and as it stands now, there are no other details such as price, date and time... but the CP folks assure us that all will be revealed on Monday, July 1st!

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