Ardabus Rubber's Limited Edition Mono Prints inspired by Video Games, Movies & Frank Kozik!

Ardabus Rubber has created three separate 8x10 inch digital prints, each signed and numbered, on on 180g ultra smooth epson matte paper. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, each of these pieces is designed to fit perfectly in an 8x10 inch frame and costs only $15 apiece. Pictured above, "There is Only One Possible Ending" (edition of 20 copies) is a Salvidor Dali-esque surrealistic moment inspired by the ending imagery of the film Fight Club. Below right is "Echo’s Brother" (edition of 15 copies), a mono version of Ardabus Rubber's color painting based on Frank Kozik's Ludwig Van Bust. And, below left, is “My First Crush” (edition of 20 copies), which is a mono version of his color painting based on the Metroid II video game; there is a full-color version of this slated for release in a few weeks and anyone who purchases the mono version will have the chance to get a matching numbered copy of the color version. All three Mono Prints are available now in Ardabus Rubber's online shop for only $15 each.

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