"Valkyrie VF-1J" Mega Munny custom by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica!

 photo vf1j-poster-1.jpg
Um... WOW!!! Check out the above recently completed custom Mega Munny by the super talented duo known as Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica... I am floored, once gain, by the production like quality of their work... AMAZING!!! Titled "Valkyrie VF-1J", this custom creation is based off the super dimension fortress macross manga anime series... and it not only looks fantastic, but it also transforms into a "Gerwalk" and "Battroid", yeah... this is no joke!!! Oh... and it's HUGE, a good 18" tall... so rad! You may remember a few years back where they did this with a Qee... well, they have done it again!

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