Summer collection from La Muerta is smokin hot!

 photo Lamuerta-summer-apparel.jpg
Ahhhhh, you feel that?!?! That's the cool summer breeze blowing through the air and the folks over at La Muerta have prepared a trio of shirts... and yes, you have the option to have these in wither t-shirt or sleeveless tank tops... RAD! So you will be the talk of the town, or shall I say backyard BBQ with these new threads! So without further ado, let's get down to business shall we?
 photo hawsepiper-mockup.jpg
First up is the the all new "Hawsepiper" by Olde Soul! "Unlicensed you were, climbed up that rank, a merchant and a seaman. One hell of a leader. Still died and now time is better spent blowing skulls out of that pipe like a wizard. You sir are of the tall order to us barrio dwellers and even though you can only ship out occasionally on those shiny pools of blood 'round these campgrounds, you still command that tremendous nautical authority." These can be snatched up HERE for $26 a pop.
 photo effloresce-mockup.jpg
Next is the beautiful geometric design "Effloresce" by A Dot A Line! "How many times have we told you to stay de-hydrated hermano(a)? It's not out of us being the elderly and jaded bunch. It's for you to to burst forth into a beautiful looking crystal-less skull. A bone structure to stop those new dead ladies/gentlemen hard on their tracks. Chemical change suits the good looking ones around the 6ft under folks. Bloom on, bloom on." Go get one HERE for $26!
 photo woodwork.jpg
Lastly is the amazing work of Butch the Butcher with his bitchen new "Woodwork" design! "You thought brewing 13% alc. vol. beer was our side business. A sure coin racking thing of sorts. It's not bad per say, but that's a hobby of ours holmes. What is the one thing everybody does no matter what? Indeed, very much so. The casket customisation thrives far and beyond that of the liver killing one. We are into some producing some rather exquisite wooden carvings." This can be yours HERE for $26 as well! So no excusese for not having anything to wear this summer, La Muerta has you(r BODY) covered!

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