Skinner x Scott Tolleson - "Oil Tycoon" Deadbeet?!?!?!

 photo ScottTolleson.jpg
Hmmmm... so tell me, what could this be? A new Deadbeet release from Scott Tolleson? It sure appears that way, and it also looks like he teamed up with Skinner once again. What we don't know is that if these Beets are going to be customized by Skinner, or did he just lend his hand in the verbiage that you can read below. In any case... color us intrigued!
“The 1% percent. Oil tycoon. Shiny and transparent exterior with a soul as dark and opaque as the richest crude. Greedy and bloated with petrol! Yeeeeehaw! Make sure you little folks don't get stuck in the bottom of my boot heel whilst I shimmy my way up towards the golden gates of pleasure and pumpin'!! Tip my gold plated Stetson to ya' as i head on down to drill something cute in the back of my Grandolero Cadillac Ranch on wheels!!!! Whoooooo doggies have you ever just pumped so hard on one of them phillies that ya thought ya'd seen gods big ole' face grinnin' down on ya' like one of them Cheshire Cats? Well I tell you what! God gave us oil and I plan to use it to honky tonk my way straight through those pearly gates, cuz ain't no mortal man able to have this much fun humpin and a pumpin' without paying the reapers due! Unless these quadruple bypasses can hold out ya understand?! I ain't destined for a natchural life like the rest of these sour pusses out here on the oil farm! I'm gonna need to keep them frowning sour patch kids to keep shining them big ass gold statues I had made of myself overlooking my land. Wooooooeeeeeer! There's a gonna be a new sheriff in town up in heaven and he only drinks the finest teas! Texas tea!!!!!! Hawhawhawhaw!' Get it?" ~ Skinner
More will be revealed shortly, but it does seem to hint at a special release for the upcoming Comic Palooza convention happening in Texas on May 24th, 2013...

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