'Save & Destroy IV' Kaiju and Tokusatsu Art Show... customs and art up for grabs!

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Following the face-melting success of its first three exhibitions at comic conventions across Spain, Kaiju and Tokusatsu themed art show Save & Destroy returned for its forth year at a brand spankin' new venue and city: Galerie Maurer in Zurich, Switzerland! Picking up right where SD3 left off, the group monsterthon celebrates the strange creatures and superheroes of the culture... and the opening was a huge success and it featured a fusion of well known Kaiju, urban art and designer toy artists, including: Blobpus, Buildbots, Cho Linksa, Andy Disler, Dolly Oblong, Dougy74 Design, DrilOne, Noel Fischer, Flawtoys, Goccodo, Daniel Goffin, Guumon, HGB Fideljus, Pepe Hiller, Hip Hop Robot, Horriblesweet, Instinctoy, Javier Jimenez, Mamma Grusli, Stan Manoukian, Mechavirus, Monster Factory, Motorbot, Mark Nagata, Miles Nielsen, Ninjalien, Brent Nolasco, Pakoto, Paul Kaiju, Mina Pieper, Cristina Pineda, Plaseebo, Marco Scheidegger, John "Spanky" Stokes and Trust Pigs, Suffi, Tanoshiboy, Topheroy, Uky Daydreamer, Viseone and Waotoyz. Works from the show are still on display until the end of June, and are available for purchase via the gallery's website HERE right now! For inquiries, email info@galeriemaurer.ch.

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