Kidrobot x Mind of the Masons - KR Store specific custom series!

 photo BoulderExclusiveLineup.jpg photo NewYorkExclusiveLineup.jpg photo MiamiExclusiveLineup.jpg
Kidrobot and Joshua aka Mind of the Masons have been working together to create a massive nationwide store launch of his "Masonic Munny Robots" series. What started from a couple customs for each store, quickly turned into 25 total bots, 5 for each store... and as you can see, these all turned out quite fantastic! All of these bots are one off customs, no one is the same as the other. The parts all range from RC car parts, sewing machine parts, video game console innards, car parts... you name it! Joshua mentions "I do light sculpting sometimes with these as well, and though may never quite notice, I tend to fill unwanted gaps with sculpey to give it a nice clean, SOLID look. I emphasize solid because some of these guys are heavy beasts, the metal parts I add to them can be quite the burden, which causes me to create an even weight balance as well. Much though goes into these even if they come off as simplistic designs...welcome to my madness".
 photo SanFranciscoExclusiveLineup.jpg photo LosAngelesExclusiveLineup.jpg
There are two 7" Munnys and three 4" Munnys for each store, all different platforms of the Munnyworld line up. The 7 inch'ers are $250 and the 4 inch'ers are $150. All of which are sold at the store... and all are being released this TODAY Monday, May 13th, 2013. So if you are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York or Boulder... be sure to swing on down to see these in person, or better yet, pick them up! For more on Joshua and his Mind of the Masons designs, hi up his Facebook page and Instagram pages.

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