Kidrobot x Marvel's "Do It Yourself Super Hero" Munnys!

We'd previously announced that Kidrobot had struck a deal with Marvel Comics to make some Labbits and a blind boxed Micro Munny series with their designs, but now — thanks to BigBadToyStore and The Blot Says… — we've learned they will also be doing a 4-inch tall Mini Munny and 7-inch tall Munny "Do It Yourself Super Hero" series! These vinyl Munny figures have pre-colored bodies in the primary costume color of the hero the represent and each comes with sticker sheets to help complete and customize their costumes. The initial versions available will be Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Venom. Expected to ship in August 2013, these will be regularly priced Munny releases: $9.99 for the Minis and $19.99 for the full-size ones.

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