Grimsheep's custom Dunnys for ToyKick's "Fresh Batch" blind box series!

Creating a total of only four pieces for the series, above are Grimsheep's pieces for the previously announced "Fresh Batch" custom Dunny series organized by ToyKick! An absolutely stellar array of one-off soldiers, complete in their metallic armor and carrying bladed weapon accessories, these are extraordinary looking pieces… click on the image and stare at the full-size version, noticing all those delicate details and highlights as well as those hauntingly sharp eyes. With still no word on pricing or release date, we do know that these blind box customs will be packaged in a metal tin with a Dunny shaped cookie cutter and they will be available HERE when released. Out of the 13 artists in the series, the disclosed ones at this point are: NikeJerk, Kevin Gosselin, Sekure D, Roar With Lukas, Ian Chapman, Task One, Gomi, Avatar666, and Grimsheep.

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