Gary Baseman x Pretty in Plastic's "Toby Keys" for "The Door is Always Open"!

What happens when the fertile imagination of Gary Baseman meets the skillful craftsmanship of Pretty in Plastic? A dream is plucked from the aether and made into reality, of course! Debuting at the previously announced retrospective exhibition "The Door is Always Open," the artistically magnificent "Toby Key" was presented to the world… and there was much rejoicing! Modeled after an actual key for a closet in the house Baseman grew up in, these metal ephemera are adorned with the head of Toby, the Keeper of Secrets within Baseman's reality. And, according to Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic, "rumor has it they may be available through Pretty In Plastic soon," which is magnificent for those of us that couldn't attend the museum show. So keep your eyes peeled to the Pretty in Plastic online shop, as I'm sure these creations of wonder won't last too long whenever they are release…

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