Free Goodie Friday on SpankyStokes - Win a custom Dunny from Vinyl Thoughts and Mr. The Sanders!

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It's finally Friday... and we are ready for another FREE GOODIE FRIDAY giveaway, and hope you are as well! Today we have a very special giveaway planned as we have teamed up with the great folks behind the Vinyl Thoughts Nation to giveaway an awesome "Ancient Greek" Dunny Statue custom created by Dallas artist Mr. The Sanders, an amazingly detailed sculpture of the Greek Goddess Mene - The Goddess of the Moon. This is one awesome looking custom Dunny, one that will be the centerpiece in any collection and you have the chance to win it for FREE! Wanna find out how... keep reading!
1. First up, you gotta 'LIKE' the Vinyl Thoughts Facebook page HERE on Facebook as well as 'LIKE' the Mr. The Sanders page on Facebook as well and then SHARE a link to this article on Facebook!
2.Next, this one is for all you Instagram heads... visit the SpankyStokes Instagram page HERE, the Vinyl Thoughts page HERE, as well as the Mr. The Sanders page HERE  - FOLLOW us all... then find the photo of the image that you see above, follow the instructions in the photo and your good to go!
3. Finally, leave a comment on this post letting us know how many of the above you completed. Winner will be drawn randomly for all eligible entries.
Now, each one of those steps is an entry... so if you do all of them, you get 6 entries!!! This contest will end Sunday night 5/5/2013 at 10:00pm PST so you only have a few days to get your entries in, after all is said and done, one lucky winner will be chosen at random and will have this awesome custom shipped out! Thanks for entering and an even bigger thanks to the Vinyl Thoughts Nation and Mr. The Sanders for such an awesome prize! Oh, one more thing...  as you can see in the above image, there is a set of jade-looking Dunnys based on ancient Chinese statues. The warrior and lion are available individually, or you can get the set of three including an exclusive dragon figure. These sets are available HERE now for a limited time pre-order and will be created by hand over the Summer for an August/September delivery.
Alright folks, thanks so much for your participation, once again, in another one of our giveaways. It really means the world to all parties involved... and really, what do you have to lose, it's for something FREE! So thanks! Now, onto the good stuff... who won? Well,  picked completely at random... the winner ended up being Haydengram, so congrats! Thanks again to all who entered, and an even bigger thanks to Vinyl Thoughts Nation and the talented Mr. The Sanders for such an awesome giveaway!

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