"Ewoks" handmade paperclay sculptures from TADO!

 photo Ewoks-Starwars-TADO.jpg
The lovely folks at Gallery Nucleus invited the super talented UK based duo, TADO, to take part in the amazing show they're having to join in the Star Wars May The Fourth celebrations titled "A SAGA IN THE STARS: A TRIBUTE TO A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY", and above is their amazing submission! These fantastic looking Ewoks are one-off paperclay models and will be available individually from the Gallery Nucleus site... I friggen love them, and there is something about that image above that makes these look like a 3D render. The handmade quality of these that takes the cartoony fun that TADO is known for is quite adorable, and a company out there needs to pick these up to make them in mass... so cute! See them in person on May 4th from 7pm-11pm... admission is $5, but it's free for Star Wars themed costumes... so get dressed up, see rad art, and have a great time!

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