Clutter exclusive "PINK" Groper by Triplikid!!!

 photo Clutter_Magazine_Groper.jpg
Pink is the new black... at least that's what we are hearing. If that's the case, then Clutter has something good going for them as their primary company color is pink and their exclusives tend to be pink as well. Now that we have that outta the way... they are stoked to announce an exclusive Pink Colorway of Triplikid's frustrated little beast, The Groper! Designed by Richard Fournier (aka Triplikid) and cast in resin by Mana Studios, each of these have been hand-painted and have both the Triplikid and Clutter logos underfoot... and feature bright vibrant pink!!! These stand 3.5" tall, are limited to 25 pieces worldwide, and can be found HERE right now for just $65 a pop! These figures are so cool, and this new colorway looks awesome!

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