Scott Tolleson's "Tycoon Deadbeet" with Mini Deadbeet Guts for the fans!

It's always very tricky when you expand a micro edition's limitation, but I don't think that anyone will complain about Scott Tolleson deciding to make 10 more "Tycoon Deadbeet" figures for the fans! As we previously revealed, these are 7.5-inch tall pieces cast in crystal clear Japanese vinyl (sofubi) and loaded with a "guts" inclusion made from a mass of five 1.5-inch tall Mini black Deadbeets. No word on if the header card — a collaboration with Skinner — will remain the same, though. With only 10 more of these being made available, we expect an F5 frenzy to ensue on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 10AM Pacific time in Tolleson's online store; no official word on price, but we're assuming the $75 each price point will hold steady.

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