A Cop with Gorilla arms... yup, God Hates Astronauts!

 photo gnarledwinslow-gorillacop-resin-spankystokes.jpg
Sometimes we get the craziest e-mails... and I mean that as term of endearment with this particular case, as artist Ryan Browne, the creator of the comic "God Hates Astronauts" sent over some info regarding a new resin figure that he has released... but first, let's backtrack! Back in February, 2013, Ryan launched a recent successful Kickstarter for the hardcover edition of GHA and seeing the success and all the people behind this project, he decided to expand the series into the realm of resin toys... and that's exactly what he did! With the help from Brad Rader (Battle Babies) and Brandon Michael Barker (ManOrMonster? Studios), Ryan is releasing his first kit-bashed, resin cast, hand painted figure his character "Gnarled Winslow"... a man cop with gorilla arms, so weird, yet so cool! Each 4 5/8" tall figure is up for pre-order HERE right now, and may be one of the most unique looking resin figures I have ever seen... so rad! Go snag one for yourself... and if this goes well, I would hope that other characters from the GHA series get made!

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