8" Dunny in a frame from WuzOne... is AWESOME!!!

 photo wuzone-dunny-2.jpg
WuzOne continues to WOW us all with his amazing custom creations, and this particular piece... it's just breathtaking! His last 3" Dunny in a frame (posted HERE) was a huge hit... so why not take that and supersize the concept... and that's exactly what he did. He took an 8" Dunny, cut it in half, secured it to a frame, and proceeded to apply his amazing painterly stylings... with the end result being one awesome custom Dunny. Not only can you appreciate this in your collection, but you can hang this on a wall... something that you can't do with just any Dunny! This is 100% hand painted, using spray paint, markers, acrylics and matte varnish and it measures 11" x 8". The best part... it's up for grabs in his online store HERE right now... so go grab it before someone else does!

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