Vannen x Descendents x Coachella - "Coffee Time" limited edition music festival watch... revealed!

 photo descendents-coffetime-vannen.jpg
We posted up a teaser HERE last week telling you all about an upcoming Coachella exclusive watch from Vannen, as they teamed up with punk-rock legends the Descendents, once again, for "Coffee Time"! This simplistic design features artwork by Descendents artist, Chris Shary as well as Milo engravings on the back casing and crown. And for the first time ever, Vannen printed subtle index markings (hours/minutes/seconds) on the inside of the crystal giving this minimalist design some serious depth - black n' white goodness... oh, and if you are unsure of who the Descendents are, and why coffee... just give that video a click below.
Available for the festival-friendly price of only $60 each, "Coffee Time" is limited to only 150 pieces per weekend and is available only at the Coachella Boutique. Each "Coffee Time" box comes signed by Chris Shary and one lucky box also contains an original Chris Shary drawing hidden inside. And if that wasn't cool enough; every single watch smells like coffee. Yep, you read that right... the watches smell like coffee! Sniff your wrist for a fresh blast of roasted goodness! ---- Thanks to modern chemistry, sleep is now optional!

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