Shez's Super Mario Bros. inspired "Kidsledgie" & "Kidboomerang" custom commissions!

Obviously inspired by the memorably 8-bit gaming experience that was Super Mario Bros. 3, the Nintendo addicted mind of customizer Shez was let loose upon a pair of unsuspecting Kidrobot 'Bots to transform them into Hammer Bro. and boomerang wielding Koopa Troopa designs. Respectively titled "Kidsledgie" and "Kidboomerang," Shez did a solid job recapturing the iconically clean look of the video game villains. Normally I'm not a fan of block color paint jobs, but for something like this — recalling a classic concept that was simply colored — I think it works perfectly. The accessories are perfectly rendered, though their shells seem a bit roughly constructed. Overall, fantastic interpretations commissioned by a true fan that will surely please.

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