TrustoCorp's "Captain of Industry" print parodies Marvel Comics's Capt. America!

Based off one of the paintings showcased at their solo exhibition, "The Future is Blight," TrustoCorp have a released a 24" x 24" giclée print of "Captain of Industry." An obvious parody of the Marvel Comics character Capt. America, I've lightened the above image a tad so that you can see the wonderful black-on-black mock 'Corporate America' logos created to collage into the shape, including Target (Forget), Dunkin' Donuts (F***in' Gonuts), Best Buy (Just Buy), Burger King (Murder King), McDonald's (MyDollars), and more. Available through LeBasse's web shop, these $150 (+ $25 fixed shipping) prints are limited to only 50 signed & numbered copies.

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