Andrew Bell's "Angry Apples" for 'Odd Obst' at adhocPad in Vienna!

 photo 8658472262_79c5a0d6ea.jpg
Recently, artist Andrew Bell sent out some images claiming "If "art" doesn't work out maybe I could land a job painting fake fruit... almost done!" which was obviously tongue in cheek as he is in the middle of painting fake fruit for his upcoming show "OddObst" which will be on April 26 at adhocPad in Vienna!

 photo oddobst2-620x882.jpg
As you can see, these are some seriously angry apples, but my goodness does their anger make me hungry. I love how Andrew's cartoon like sketches translate over so well into his 3D work... seamless!!! Andre mentions that he will be putting on some events including a signing/doodling party and a small gallery showing! For more info you can check the event page HERE regularly as well as Andrew's site HERE!

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