Sucklord's Football-based action figures for Toys Are Us exhibit!

Pictured above (and below) are Suckadelic's contributions to the previously announced "Toys Are Us" group show put together by Killer Bootlegs and Monster Kolor at the Rockford Art Deli. From left to right, the figures are: Ed "The Brute" Polaski, Dion Suncrusher, and Perry Jackson. And if you're wondering why they are credited to Suckadelic instead of just the man himself, these figures were created by The Sucklord but all that perfect linework is courtesy of Sam Parducho (aka Needleknocker) her own bad self!

The "Toys Are Us" group exhibition will open on April 5th and 6th at Rockford Art Deli, 402 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61104.
Participating artists include: 2bitHACK, 5.5 Customs, Battle Babies, BigManToys, Broken Pigeon, Cash Cannon (4 the Luv of Toyz NY), Concocted Curioddities, Davemarkart, Dead Hand Toys, Dead Presidents, Dubose Art, Evilos, Forces of Dorkness, Galaxxor (Ben Spencer), Giest Lab, Goodleg Toys, GUUMON, Hamfx, Hoakser, Kid Ink Industries, Killer Bootlegs, ManOrMonster?, Mechavirus, MonsterArm, Motorbot, Suckadelic, The Mark Ultra, Wasted Talent, and We Become Monsters.

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