Sticky Monster Lab is back with new figures... and they are just as adorable as ever!!!

 photo stickymonsterlabs.jpg
The folks over at Sticky Monster Lab are back with their adorable creations for another round of striking character design goodness with 4 brand new figures... 'S05 Kibon + Blue Walkmon', 'S06 Kibon + Yellow Walkmon', 'M06 Hipper' and 'M05 Runner'... all of which are made of plastic, stand 6" tall and retail for $64 a pop! These are not in their online store just yet, as they are on pre-order... but you will see these popping in most designer toy shops worldwide in the very near future. Do you own a shop, and want to carry these... then contact DKE Toys as they are distributing them right now!

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