Sofubi test shots of Anyoldion Toys interchangeable robot figure line!!!

 photo anyoldion-strollbot-sofubi.jpg
An update from Anyoldion Toys... yes please... as we are stoked to show off their first test shots of their upcoming interchangeable sofubi toy line of figures! Matty received 4 samples in yesterday morning... 2 gray, 2 pink, and about 18 parts for each so he just threw some combinations together quickly... and above is a bunch of individual snaps and a combined shot. Although we are seeing these looking VERY complete, there is still no real word coming out of Japan on when they'll be ready... it's now been a year! Matty says "I can honestly say I've never held anything this good in my hands before... Pretty amazing detail on the StrollBot 2.0 head especially with all the wires and stuff coming out the back (it's about the size of the end joint of your little finger)... THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!" I for one am excited to see these in person! These stand about 5" tall, are poseable soft vinyl figures, and the different fists just pop straight on and off, which is cool for assembling them. When we get more info we will pass it on, but get excited folks, this line of figures looks great... I love the playability!

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