Sket-One's "Ecto-1" Ghostbusters-inspired 8-inch custom FatCap!

You might recall last year when Sket-One made those amazing police car inspired 8-inch tall custom FatCaps with working light that shines and rotates! Well, Sket obviously wanted to prove that he ain't afraid of no ghost, for you returned to the magnificent design to do a one-off rendition of "Ecto-1" from the the Ghostbuster's films. And not only does the top light work — running off of two AA batteries — but the proton pack on his back also becomes lit! The ghost trap accessory, sadly, doesn't though. This one-of-a-kind piece was made available over the weekend in Sket-One's online shop and immediately sold for the $550 asking price… We can only hope he does similar drops in the near future!

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